Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The circus is in town....

So. Let the circus begin.  You gotta love Vegas. I love it. I live here.  I have been lobbing in on the news and it's amazing. Every heavy hitter from every news organization in the world has descended on the famous Las Vegas Strip. (Glad I don't have to be anywhere NEAR the strip today) It's funny to watch the news casters going crazy.."VEGAS BABY!!!"  you didn't hear anyone going "LONG ISLAND BABY!!"   

The debate itself is at the Thomas and Mack arena at UNLV. The same place that holds the PBA bull riding championship and The PRCA National Rodeo Finals.  So, it's fitting to have the debate at this venue since there is a long tradition of Bulldung being thrown around there.

Actually, in true Vegas style, they should have staged it at the MGM grand area, and put them in a Boxing ring.  12 rounds. DING!

Congratulations to Las Vegas for hosting the most important debate of the year.  Not bad for a town that was nothing more than a dot on the map in the desert 100 years ago. A hideout for outlaws on the trail.  Wait a minute, how appropriate.

Let the circus begin.....

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