Friday, March 5, 2010

The Bird and the Cowpaddy

Once upon a time in Montana the was a small bird who did not want to fly south for the winter to see what winter in Montana was like. As the weather got colder, the small bird decided that it was not a good idea to stay in the cold and decided to fly south. As it was so late in the season, the tiny bird got colder and colder until, somewhere over a ranch in Wyoming, his tiny frozen body fell to the ground...He was about to freeze to death, when suddenly a cow came by and took a huge poo on top of the bird. The cow paddy was so warm, that it started to thaw the litte bird out, and he began to regain his strength.

As he fluttered around in the cow poop, he began to sing, because he was warm, albeit covered in crap. But he was alive and happy. Suddenly, the farm cat saw and heard the commotion coming from the pile of cow poo on the ground. The cat dug the bird out of the cow pie, .... and ate him.

So remember, If you learn nothing else from this story, it's this... Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy, and not everyone who pulls you out of shit is you friend.

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  1. Oh Ronnie, how true that is! The shittiest truth is often the most real!