Monday, June 19, 2017

Post Father's Day Thoughts

I thought I would save my Father's Day blog until after Father's day, as a reflective blog rather than a 'I look forward to...' thing. 

I spent the day with my wife and 22 year old son. He got me a beautiful watch and we all had a great time on Mt. Charleston (Just outside of Las Vegas).  Picnics in the woods are always great. Especially when it is 114 degrees in town. A nice 78 degrees on the mountain.  A lot of people do not realize that there is a whole world of stuff to do away from the strip in Vegas. But's that's another blog.

It was also somewhat of a sad day. It was the 12th anniversary of the passing of my 1st son. He was 17 and died in a car accident June 18th, 2005. So when father's day falls on the day of his death, it's tough. But, I was surrounded by love and caring throughout the day. So all was better with the day. 

I also am lucky enough to have 2 Dads.  My DAD in Texas and my Step Dad in California.  Both amazing men who I love dearly.  Father's day is always great in that concern.  Bravo to them for raising me right. 

There are a lot of scenarios around Father's day. Many don't have a Dad to wish Happy Father's day. Some are estranged from their Father.  Some have a Dad that has passed on.  I hope everyone took a moment to just thank the person who was or is your father. Even if it's was just to silently give thanks.  

May you always find peace and happiness in your life.  

Have a great day

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