Monday, December 19, 2016

The Entertainer and the Evil Agent: A tale of Warning for Las Vegas Entertainers

Once upon a time, there was an entertainer who was represented by an agent.  The agent would get the entertainer gigs, which the entertainer would do without hesitation or complaint. The entertainer even went as far as to drop what he was doing to rush to a gig because the person originally booked to do the gig crapped out.  In short, the entertainer was always there for the agent no matter how simple the gig. 

The agent, though, had a history of slow payment, which made the entertainer very frustrated indeed, but, eventually, after a slew of excuses, the agent finally paid, and everyone went upon their happy way. 

One day, in the 3rd month of the year, the agent called the entertainer and asked if he and his band of minstrels were available to do an out of town gig in the 9th month of the year.  The entertainer, after being told the amount of compensation for his time and travel, agreed to perform, and contracts were signed. The entertainer asked that the agent to please be sure the funds would be available before he and his band of minstrels travels across the vast distance to the high mountain where the gig was set. 'Oh, yes' replied the agent, assuring him that he would be compensated the day after he got back. To this, there was much rejoicing, and much time spent in preparation for the performance. 

On the day of the gig, the entertainer and his merry men (and wife who sings backup) arrived at the venue. A beautiful venue it was. Set in the mountains with a lovely outdoor stage.

About the time of the soundcheck, the leader of the venue came upon the entertainer and inquired if further requests for the band's services could be handled without the intervention of the agent, because lo and behold, they were without scruples and worse to deal with than a dragon on a bad day. This then became a red flag to the entertainer who told the leader of the venue that it would have to be discussed at another time, as there were stipulations in contracts that forbid such actions.  This was known as clause 10. 

The performance was stellar, and all had a great time, with the whole crowd staying for all three sets.  Standing ovations and encores prevailed. All was well with the world.  The entertainer loaded his gear into his rented Chrysler Town and Country, and drove across the many miles back to his kingdom.

And it came to pass that when the entertainer approached the agent for his due money, that the agent told him that the bank had not yet cleared the check, and he would have to wait 10 to 14 days for it to clear.  The entertainer waited a fortnight and there was still no joy. At this time, having heard the same tired story over and over again, he called upon the leader of the venue to see what the holdup was. The leader of the venue disclosed to the entertainer that compensation was indeed in the hands of the evil agent, and had been since the 1st month of the year when a deposit was sent, and again in the 8th month of the year when the remaining balance was sent, and that indeed the checks had been cashed long before the entertainer had journeyed to the land far away where the gig took place. 

This displeased the entertainer mightily as he realized that the agent had indeed lied to him and accepted deposit funds for the gig 3 months before even approaching him, and had, indeed contracted under his name not knowing if he was in fact available for the dates in question. Adding to his displeasure was the fact that the evil agent had been spending his money on what had to be frivolities and in no way intended to compensate our hero for his toil.

He sent a message though the royal email messenger telling the evil agent to please compensate him, or he would be forced to approach the royal solicitor to enforce the contract which the agent was in ginormous breach thereof. (Besides being a liar and thief). The agent reacted with a hearty 'bugger off' informing the entertainer that he should henceforth communicated only through his lawyer. A ruse to buy time, thinking that the entertainer would no do so. they were wrong. A call was sent out to the entertainer's lawyer, who upon seeing the situation, was ready to take proper action.

After many attempts to collect the money, the evil agent agreed to pay the sum due by the end of the 10th month.  The time came and went with no word or compensation,  and the Lawyer to this day has not been able to contact the evil agent, as they have gone back under the rock from whence they came, leaving the entertainer in the hole for a vast amount. 

The entertainer vowed not to rest until justice is done and compensation is settled upon.  If this does not happen by the 1st month of the new year, the entertainer shall disclose to the world the name, address, phone number and email address of the evil agent for all the world to see.  He shall discredit the evil agent all over social media, and expose them for what they really are. A lying, cheating, operating without a business license, hopeless, hapless, scum buggering bunch of slime balls. 

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year! 

The End

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