Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New year 4.543 billion years

Welcome The New Year!! 4.543 Billion +/- half a million.  

We say it's 2017.  It's nice to have a calender to track our 24 hour periods and 7 day weeks and 52 week cycles.  Mother Earth, though, works on a different time cycle.  The planet does not give a stuff about what year WE say it is. Only about how old she is, and she is old. She breathes, she groans, she inhales and exhales.  

If she were only 2017 years old, she would still be an infant. Forming and volcanic and a place where this viral thing called man could have never survived. If you ask mother Earth, she will tell you she, at 4.5 Billion years old is but a not quite middle aged lady. 

She has had many face lifts, both natural over billions of years, and some man made thanks to large earth moving equipment.  She has been abused through cosmic bashing and atomic testing.  She has been warm and cold, flooded and parched... but she maintains her dignity and her beauty in the cosmos.  Not bad for a gal who is over 4.5 Billion years old. 

So HAPPY 2017 to us, and happy 4.543 Billion to Mother Earth! 

Have a great day

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  1. Good one. Just read recently that more than half of Mother's surface has now been cut, plowed, or paved. Isn't man a fool?