Friday, December 23, 2016

Don't Worry..You are not in control of anything..........

Each day the human mind spends over 70% of it's time over thinking and worrying.  That's a hell of a lot of time thinking about stuff that has not happened yet. 

Worry is one of the strongest "fear" emotions we have. We lose sleep, we have night sweats, we tend to think in worst case scenarios.  And it can drive us to the nut house in a hurry.  

The thing is, though, that if you look back on all the time you spent worrying about stuff, and the eventuality that the stuff you worried about never happened, what would you do with all that time that you wasted letting your brain take you hostage?  If the 70% number is true, then you spend 265 days a year worrying about stuff.  Over, say an 80 year life span, that 20,440 days, or 490,560 hours where you could be using your brain for something else. 

Life is short. We have no time for herding cats.  

The purpose of life is to be happy- Dalai Lama

We live in a world where the media works very hard to instill fear in us. Turn on the news and tell me how many happy stories do you hear in an hour?  Don't get me wrong, the world is not what it used to be. We have threats everywhere. We always have, but now we have a media that can bring it to us in real time in 4K high Def.  Our serenity is being attacked on all fronts. Here are some ways to deal with all this. 

Meditate. Get into being one with your consciousness.  Sit quietly and put processed thoughts out of your head. Concentrate of the sounds around you. The wind, the rain, the sound of the fly in the room. Live in the experience of now. Don't let the outside world allow your mind to wander.  If you hear a plane, or a fire truck, or a dog barking in the distance, just accept it as what is instead of letting your mind go somewhere else.  15 minutes a day. Not easy, but with practice, you can get it.

Don't watch the news for long periods. .... We all need to know what is going on, but don't leave the news on in the background all day while you are pottering around the house.  Watch the headlines, and get on with your day. Half the time, the news just pisses you off anyway, then you have to deal with anger too. 

Stay off facebook for a day every week. OR set a no information time.  Turn off from social media. Give it a rest. The world will continue to turn if you wait a day to like someone's post.

Sometimes, leave your phone at home.  Before cell phones, we went along our merry way, and when we got home, we had an answering machine.  We dealt with stuff then. As a result we saw more of the world around us.

Watch cartoons. No, seriously.  Who can have a shitty day after watching Bugs, or Daffy, or the Flintstones....Great old cartoons are a way to get back to a simpler time.  It really does take your mind off stuff. I believe if more adults watched cartoons once in a while, the world would be a better place. 

Go for a walk. See the world around you. (A good time to keep your phone at home) It's a beautiful place, remember?

And last but not least,  Don't worry..You are not in control of anything. 

Merry Christmas

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