Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trying to stay incognito during this election time

With just a couple of days left until the election, I have, in fact voted early.  I will not disclose my choice in a public forum, suffice to say, those who know me probably can guess my choice. 

What I have seen, and I know I am not breaking any big story here, is that it seems this has become an election based on who you hate rather than who you think is most qualified to run the country.  fireballs being launched from both sides accusing the other person of massive wrongdoings, political incorrectness, stupidity blah blah blah.....What we have not heard a lot of, is how we are going to fix the mess this great country is in.  Yes, there is the occasional "I will do this or that" in between reminding us why the other person is the wrong one to fix things. 

I voted for the first time in my life back in the early 80's. I have since voted both Republican and Democrat. I looked at the choices and made my choice for President based on who was best for the job based their policies. This time, though, it seems like it's more important to know what a bad person the other candidate is rather than where they stand on policy.  It's the rise of the inferior man. (Person). 

I really can not wait until the election is over. All the news channels speculating on who is ahead or not ahead...and the polls...don't even get me started on polling.  (Think Brexit)

I do believe that the news media is too involved in the political machine.  Even 20 years ago, you did not know everything a candidate was doing every second of the day, and less about what they did, say 20 years ago.  My personal opinion is that the news media needs to just report the facts, and quit bringing in panel after panel of experts who can only speculate and yell insults at each other.  When I was involved in radio for almost 20 years, the number one rule in news was to NOT editorialize.  NEWSFLASH...THe news is not supposed to be entertaining. It's supposed to be informative. This is what happened today, this is who is involved and we will be back with more as we learn the FACTS.... Pretty Simple.  I know we will never get back to just reporting the news. I long sometimes for the old days.  I often yell at my T.V...."Just tell me what's going on!!!" I don't think I can even watch election coverage which starts...uh...a year ago... I will just lob in now and then to see who they THINK is going to win.

Cynical? Probably.  BUT,  let he who has not thought this cast the first stone!

Have a great day.

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