Friday, November 25, 2016

One Mouth and Two Ears

I have heard it said many times that we are given one mouth and two ears for a reason. If we listen twice as much as we talk, we might just learn something.  I am more than willing to listen to you, as long as you are willing to listen to me.  Just because you have a point of view, does not give you the right to try to force it down my throat. Speak your truth as you know it. I will listen, but please allow me the same respect, instead of picking and choosing a word or two that might offend you and then start in a tirade about why I need to think the way you do. 

I make my living listening to people. When you sell, if you learn to shut up, your customer will tell you exactly what you need to do to sell them...whatever you are, trucks, houses, boats, airplanes or widgets.  If you are planning your next sentence in your brain while they are talking to you, you will never be a good listener.  Quiet your mind and concentrate on what the person is saying...then pause and think about it before you answer.  The pause is very powerful in conversation. I allows you to think about your answer, and makes the other person switch from talking mode to listening mode. 

I am a black belt at interrupting.  I have tried to be more aware of this, because I have learned I hear more when my mouth is not moving. I call it the two way radio method of conversation.  When you have a two way radio, you have to wait until the person on the other end says "over" signaling you that you can talk now. In return he has to do the same.  A lot less gets misunderstood when everyone is listening. 

Maybe next time you are having a conversation, used the "over" method silently to yourself when they are done speaking. Don't interrupt. You will have your chance to talk. 

Have a great day!

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