Wednesday, November 16, 2016


There is a saying...The last words a Redneck says before he dies are "Hey, hold my beer and watch this"....

Have you ever been part of a scenario where you KNOW that it is not going to end well, but you watch it unfold in slow motion just so you can tell the story later?  

As we grow older and mature, we are less Kelsoish (Ref: That 70's show) and use a bit more common sense than we did when we were 18 and knew everything.  We are no longer 10 feet tall and bullet proof.  We have all made bad decisions at some point in our life. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but now? Not so good.  It can be a life long thing like getting married to the wrong person, and not listening to that little voice in your head.  As we grow older, we start to learn that the little voice knows what it is talking about. 

Remember the old days when you used to regale your friends with the "weekend"...I know every one of us has told the story ..."I got hammered, threw up twice in the ficus tree, got into a brawl, left my pants .. I don't know where, and woke up in my car with the cops tapping on the window....................It was a blast, man" Bad decision, great story about jail.  

Many of these decisions we make involve alcohol.  The bad decision elixor. The juice of irresponsibility.  The old "Sorry I trashed your house by driving my car into your living room. I was drunk..." 

I have been sober for 34 years, so I can not use that excuse anymore.  Now I just have to say, "Sorry, I'm just a dumbass I guess..."  

I suppose all our kids and grandkids will all have great stories to tell based of really bad decisions.  It's our rite of passage from know it all youth to I really don't want to know adulthood. 

So today, with all my heart, I ask you to think twice about that bungee jump....

Have a great day!

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