Monday, October 10, 2016


I was walking the other day around the ball fields, which they are spending a tidy sum on perking up and I realized that all THIS that man has created...From the Roman Empire on up will all be lost when we are gone. "Life after People" ... The Earth takes care of itself. Actually, Any self respecting human would never have settled on this planet. It's not human friendly. There are earthquakes, Climate change, floods, tornados, fire, mud slides, lightning, wind, monsoons, tsunami waves, blizzards, ice storms, hurricanes, plagues, bugs, glaciers, ice ages, and spam. And what cracks me up the most is that people study these things for lifetimes, thinking that they can control any of it. None of what is here is going to matter at all a million years from now. All the gazzilions of dollars spent on building everything on the planet that is man made will some day be gone. Cave men had it good. Find a hole in the mountain, kill a saber tooth, feed the woman, have sex and live to a ripe old age of 27. They had everything they needed, and never once thought they had to go to Wikipedia for anything. What we have done in just the last 200 years has impacted the way we live more than all the history before the early 1800's. And when we are gone, it will all be reclaimed by mother Earth, who we keep trying to "save"...Truth be told, the Earth does not need saving. She will take care of herself. We are so afraid of the extinction of Man, that we try to control our environment. Heaven forbid the oceans rise, just as they have done over and over again since the beginning of time. Only difference is now there is million dollar ocean front property at stake. You know what..?? Mother Earth doesn't care about your mansion in the Hamptons. I was totally amused by people on the South East coast trucking in sand to prevent beach erosion. They truck it in, Mother Earth sucks it out. They truck in some more, Mother Earth sucks it out. Get a clue! The planet does what it wants to do, and we just need to let her breath. Truth be known, it does not matter if we use up all our oil supplies, it's not going to hurt the planet. She'll make more (out of us) when we are gone.

In the mean time, we tick along, trying to control the one thing we have not yet learned to manipulate. Nature. And when we do find the magic formula to control the environment, watch out, because Mother Nature does not like to be told what to do.

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