Monday, October 10, 2016

So. Happy Columbus Day.  Or, Happy Indigenous Peoples Day,  A day we celebrate when some Italian guy named Columbus had 3 ships (The Nina, The Pinta and the Santa Maria) in which he was looking for the West Indies or somewhere like that, got lost,  and landed smack in the middle of Native American land.  Oh, and he discovered America...ok, whatever.

So, because of his not so stellar navigational skills, we have no mail service, banks are closed, and a lot of businesses take the day off, except those having BIG COLUMBUS DAY sales. Another day to mark stuff up and discount it.  Yay!!   Pardon me for sounding a bit cynical, but pa-leeeez.

Anyway, enough of that.  I didn't watch the debate last night.  I figure I will get the condensed version and all the analysis I need and even more than I want over the next few days.  I will not reveal who I favor, let me say the choice isn't great.  We have entered the apex of the rise of the inferior man/woman/person/undecided.  Everyone has a designation now...Remember when we were just men and women?  People.

That is what I love so much about the music we do.  The last show we did, we did a great oldies set. 1955-1959 music. kids as young as 4 and folks in their 90s were all dancing. I even saw a kid BREAK DANCING to Peggy Sue. Imagine that.  Young, old, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight, whatever all jamming out to music that is 70 Frikkin' years old.  That's when it all makes sense to me.  Yesterday I was in the studio finishing up track for a Christmas Album I am putting together featuring a lot of Las Vegas headliners. The Swing City Dolls  ( came in and did Mela Kalikimaka with me in PERFECT Andrews Sisters harmonies.  It just felt GREAT.  Life was simpler with Bing and the Andrew Sisters, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and a host of others who were so ahead of their time that they are still relevant today.

Happy Columbus Day.  (By the way Lief Errikson was here first)

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