Saturday, October 8, 2016

Return of the ...Blog?

Well, It has been a LONG FRICKIN' TIME since I have even thought about this thing.  So all entries before this date should be considered null and void for the most part. (Unless you find them interesting or amusing)   New place, new life, (Same wife, thank God) and joy and happiness abounds on a daily basis.  I won't go into EVERYTHING on this Return of the (Jedi) Blog.  .("Movie reference I must have").. I will wean you back to what is up a little at a time.

I set out in the beginning to not drag my personal life into this blog unless relevant.  I refuse to put up pictures of food...or disgusting stuff. I will stay on the topic of anything and everything really.

I sell Cars now. Kias to be more specific. We will delve deeper into all that later.  Also, I now live in Las Vegas, Nevada...have been here for 5 years.  That will give you a timeline as to how long it's been since I have looked at this blog.  Still performing and loving it.  The website is  ... I love that dot rocks thing.

Soooooo....this entry is just a "putting my toes back in the water" blog entry.  I will try very hard to keep the entries coming.  Insights, observations, and random thought.  As I stated earlier in other posts, I try to stay away from politics, religion and offensive stuff.  In this election year, though, it is hard to not have some kind of input.  We will see if anything comes to mind.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for reading!!

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