Thursday, October 13, 2016

1st world problems (Part 1)

I was at the store the other day, and I heard a customer complaining to the manager that they had run out of her favorite flavor of vitamine enriched, super duper, mineral enhanced, pure reverse osmosis, power, smart God know what else WATER.  And she was PISSED about this.  The manager was polite, and reminded her that there were dozens of different bottled waters on the shelf, and perhaps until they could get her brand in, that she might choose a different flavor.  She came unhinged and told him, (Get ready now) "No, that won't do. That is the only water I can drink."  (UH, it's water...ok?) Now granted. Not all bottled water is created equal, and I am a bit of a water snob. I like Fiji, and Voss.  But you know what? I will drink it all, even from the tap if I am thirsty. And I won't throw a fit.  There are people in the world that would give anything to have clean bottled water, and it does not matter what the label says.  First World Problem.

Oh, here is another first world problem.  I sell cars. Once in a while, I get a parent in buying a first car for their kid.  The only thing the kid needs to do is shut up and drive the car that Mom and Dad are buying for them.  Many of them have a budget that I try to maintain for them.  Some of the objections I get from the kids..."I don't like the color, it looks like a grandma car, it's too old, the stereo sucks, my friend has one of these and I don't want to drive the same car she drives. I want a third row to carry all my friends in..." and my PERSONAL favorite...."I cant drive a car without power windows..." Can't? Holy crap, kid. Take the bus and save your parent's the money.  1st world problem.

Problem getting your hands on the new iphone? (1st world problem)
Your manicurist is on vacation? (1st world problem)

You live in Jamaica and just lost everything to the worst hurricane ever to hit the island? No food, no Water? No doctors?  Well you get it.

3rd world problems affect lives.  1st world problem affect our comfort zone.  They are annoying, they are petty, and most of the time, they are not problems.  Go hang out in Haiti of a village in Africa. Good luck finding your mani-pedi there.

More to come

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